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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur suddenly and often without warning. It is imperative that work is begun immediately to prevent further damage and a smaller problem from escalating into a larger one. Without timely water extraction from a skilled team such as All Elements Restoration, a building structure can become irreparably damaged by flooding, sewage backups and other water emergencies. After the excess water is removed, thorough cleanup is the next step, followed by a detailed custom restoration to get your property back into shape. When you need water damage restoration, you can always count on All Elements Restoration.

Your home and business are in good hands with our 24/7 emergency flood or water damage repair and restoration services. We are on-call to help prevent further property damage from all kinds of water emergencies from overflowing sinks to broken sewage systems to natural disasters such as flooding. One of the most important tasks in any water damage project is to quickly extract the water to prevent further damage and contamination and when you call All Elements Restoration, we don’t waste any time! And in addition to water extraction, we also offer expert carpet cleaning and deodorizing!

Water Contamination Categories 1, 2 and 3

The water extraction industry has a three-level Category or “CAT” scale for determining the level of contamination in water. Our water damage restoration team at All Elements Restoration are ready and able to handle every level. CAT 1 water usually derives from clean-water plumbing damage such as sinks overflowing. Clean up and repair can typically proceed without extensive decontamination but it should be noted that leaving even clean standing water or soaked carpeting will inevitably lead to contamination such as mold so it is important to call an experienced team for emergency water extraction. Clean standing water if left alone can also worsen to CAT 2 when flooring and wall materials leech into the water. And this makes consumption or contact with the water a hazard for humans. Other CAT 2 water sources include overflowing toilets, dishwashers and washing machines for example. At All Elements Restoration, all of our water extraction specialists have the training and equipment to safely remove this water to prevent further harm. A CAT 3 water hazard is severely unsanitary and will cause serious illness or even death if ingested. It is often declared after a natural disaster or a sewage backup. Cleanup of this hazardous waste water requires safety, meticulous attention to detail and speed. For this reason, only the most professional teams such as All Elements Restoration are trusted with this type of mitigation.

Mold Remediation

Structural molds present a severe health and safety hazard to any property and people nearby, as well as escalating physical damage. Halting the spread of mold growth requires a professional, fully equipped company like All Elements Restoration who can successfully detect and thoroughly clean out this dangerous substance from your buildings.

Mold can lurk anywhere in a structure, but one of the easiest ways for this hazard to really cause some damage and pose a health threat in your home or business is after flooding or other water damage. Standing water provides an access point for molds, and gives it all the nutrients they need to rapidly spread and grow. Left unchecked, molds can spread relatively quickly throughout an entire structure. This mold growth requires effective, fast mold removal and mitigation to avoid a catastrophic property issue.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Because fires don’t happen on schedule, All Elements Restoration are available 24/7 to assist. No matter how devastating the fire you experience in your home or office, All Elements Restoration can help you quickly get your property back to normal. Our fire damage restoration has enabled homes and businesses throughout our local area to recover from this unfortunate situation. We specialize in clearing out even the most insidious smoke damage.

As soon as the fire marshals have declared your structure safe to re-enter, we are ready and able to help you secure your home or business. We have all the materials you need to exclude both nature and trespasses, to help prevent further damage while we assess the site for restoration. Reacting as soon as possible is the key to a full fire damage restoration. Simply leaving a damaged property alone will often lead to further damage. This is especially true with smoke damage; as smoke and soot can quickly infiltrate the walls and become even more difficult to remove. Fire damage can also cause hidden damage to the structure itself. Without immediate mitigation, this can lead to collapse and further perils.

When you call All Elements Restoration for fire damage restoration, we being by isolating the area to be worked on. This will prevent environmental elements from interfering. Once the property is secured, our trained team will carefully identify every area of damage and check the level of smoke particles in the air. These invisible particles represent a serious inhalation hazard to anyone present, and can even include volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Reducing the level of these particles in the air is one of the most important steps in a fire damage restoration. Fire damage also often leaves behind extensive stains and odors. Proteins, natural substances as well as synthetic residues each require different strategies to remove and each of these substances leaves behind its own distinct unpleasant odor. Even a small kitchen fire with minimal damage can produce a lingering odor but you can count on All Elements Restoration to eradicate odors as part of our custom fire and smoke restoration process.

Biohazard Cleaning and Crime Scene Cleanup

Any type of biohazard represents a significant danger to a home or business. Not only can toxic waste and biohazards ruin the value of your property but it can present a hazard to the health and safety of residents and customers. All Elements Restoration cannot stress enough that biohazard cleaning is no job for amateurs. Only the most professional biohazard remediation teams will have the tools, training, and knowledge to properly mitigate these serious issues, help prevent the spread of disease and contamination, avoid both human and environmental harm and successfully return your property to a safe state.

When there is a biohazard on your property, there is simply no time to waste. Our 24/7 emergency response team is standing by, ready and able to begin the decontamination process. As with any disaster, the first step of any successful cleanup is isolating the affected area. Allowing contamination to spread will increase the cost and time to completely remove it as well as increase dangerous health and environmental risks. We are prepared to handle many types of biohazards, as well as accident and crime scene cleanup including blood, bodily fluids, sewage, dead animals and animal waste.

Asbestos Abatement

In the past, asbestos was praised for its heat resistance and fiber strength and therefore became a popular material for insulation and a defense against fire. Asbestos was widely used in building materials such as shingles, ceiling tiles, vinyl flooring, and asbestos cement in homes, schools, and offices throughout the country. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that when asbestos fibers are disturbed and particles are released into the air, it can cause serious health issues in humans by increasing the incidences of mesothelioma, lung disease, lung cancer and asbestosis. We know now that asbestos abatement is essential – especially if you are planning any kind of building demolition and/or home improvement, repair or remodeling projects that will disturb asbestos. Asbestos in structures represents a serious health concern for residents, employees, and customers. Getting asbestos out of your walls and off your property is best left to the professionals like All Elements Restoration. We can make your property safe for occupancy again. In contrast, without the proper training, knowledge and equipment, naïve attempts to remove asbestos can result in significant harm while also making the situation worse. If you need cleaning or restoration, call All Elements Restoration today!