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Mold Abatement, Cleaning, Removal & Remediation

All Elements Restoration is trained and experienced to come to the rescue of residential homes and commercial establishments in Tracy, Ripon, San Ramon and the Tri-City since 1993; whenever disaster strikes. Fires, water and mold damage can turn any building into a hazard zone in a blink of an eye. With mold outbreaks, it can potentially destroy the building’s foundation, leaving costly repairs, as well as causing health concerns and allergy attacks. Our professionals have been masterfully trained to remedy mold infestations.

Three Things Mold Needs to Grow

Mold needs moisture to grow, along with temperature (humidity or warmth) and food. Mold will feed on nearly anything. Even dust is an adequate food source. Within 48-72 hours, mold will set in and continue to thrive and grow rapidly. Microscopic mold spores can be found indoors or outdoors, and can be found anywhere, especially in favorable conditions. Mold spores can be brought into your home simply through open windows, doors, through your HVAC systems, even attached and brought in on pets, clothes and shoes.

Water Damage Restoration

Before our highly trained professionals from All Elements Restoration can provide the mold remediation service, the water source needs to be dealt with. Often it is a leaky roof or plumbing pipe, or a faulty appliance that causes the mold to fester. Otherwise, the water will bring on a chronic mold outbreak.

All Elements Restoration experts have a methodical process concerning mold remediation.

– First step is to discover the source of the mold, often done by air quality tests and other techniques. Mold is identified for proper protocol.
– Second step is to remove the water source by repairing the issue.
– Third step is to isolate the contaminated area by closing all the windows and doors. All areas are sealed by special equipment and products. Safety measures and barriers are set in place to keep mold contained, people and pets safe, and prevent any cross-contamination.
– Fourth step is to remove all mold damaged materials that are porous in nature. Our team ensures everything is removed and is ready for proper disposal.
– Fifth step is to meticulously clean remaining surfaces. Utilizing specially formulated detergents and top quality instruments, mold is scoured away, disinfected and treated. After which, the once contaminated area is thoroughly dried, frequently done so with structure drying and dehumidifiers.
– Sixth step is to replace the porous materials with fresh supplies to secure building’s structure. Reconstruction is only done once the mold is clear from the building. HVAC system cleaning is usually needed as spores can easily float in the air circulation and get deposited anywhere through its course.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Mold can greatly impact your home or business, along with your health. With the spread of mold, buildings can quickly decay and deteriorate, and if left unattended, mold can claim the building. With mold being a devastating force on structures, it can also be harmful to people. Mold is a common allergen, and severe allergy sufferers’ mold can not only bring on intense allergy symptoms, it can also leave them more susceptible to mold related ailments. People with asthma can be at risk as well, along with the elderly, children and people with low immune systems or poor respiratory issues.

Mold Cleanup, Removal, Abatement & Remediation

Don’t put your home, business, or loved ones at risk. If you discover a mold problem, call in the experts from All Elements Restoration to provide you mold remediation services. Our certified and trained technician crew will completely provide you with the appropriate methods and techniques in removing the mold.